Monday, October 31, 2011

Unlocking your bootloader

Your phone has some sort of BIOS, which is called the bootloader. The only thing we really care about in this thing is how it manages partition sizes in the phone's flash memory (NAND) and the security checks that it performs on each boot.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

First things first : rooting

Disclaimer: Rooting your device will void its warranty. In addition, performing the rooting procedure incorrectly may have unexpected consequences. Please do this at your own risk. Shape Shift NAND will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.
Unexpected consequences (in the modding world, it's called "bricking") may occur only if you either have a malfunctioning hardware or software, or if you don't follow the steps as they are. Or, if you're simply unlucky. No one can say for sure why bricking happens, but it is VERY RARE. I have rooted and modded many Android devices, and trust me, I have not encountered a single problem. It is safe, unless you do something wrong, of course.


Welcome! If you entered this website, it is likely that you own an Android-powered device and you intend to either expand your territory of knowledge regarding Android modding, either start modding for the first time. In either cases, you'll stand out!

This website will not only contain information regarding Android modding, but news about tech stuff, too. And by tech I don't mean a new door design for your bathroom; I mean a concept for a new type of display having a full high definition resolution spread onto 4.7 inches of LED-coated sheet. Okay, maybe a new door design for your bathroom, too -- since you don't see that every day :-) .

So, this website will have several sections :
-Android, which would include : tutorials, custom ROMs & mods, themes, applications etc.
-Tech News
-Tune of the Week (but this remains to be sorted out later on) -- because I am a drum & base lover myself, I think this section will contain mostly drum & base (dubstep, too, maybe) music -- from YouTube, most probably. That, just to keep you entertained in case the Android world suddenly collapses (which will never happen ) :-D .

I may think of other sections as well. It depends -- on what, I am not entirely sure.

Also, please be aware of the fact that I am a student in the first year in the "arts" of electrical engineering. Not that it matters what I study, but the problem is that my spare-time might be narrowed (by force, of course) once every a couple of months, since university life isn't all shiny and beautiful... hope you know what I mean. So... don't expect me to be able to put up a new post every one / two days. I'll try to keep this up, anyway...