Sunday, November 13, 2011

Titanium Backup

Another must have app we're going to review is Titanium Backup. Again, there are two versions for this. The free version is Titanium Backup ★ root, which you can unlock (upgrade to PRO) using the paid application, Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root. Both can be found in the Android Market.

This application does what the name says : manages applications. You can backup applications (system & installed b user), delete and restore them. It's very handy, and you should have it!

You can get Titanium Backup by going to the Android Market and download it, HERE, or you may download the .apk installer provided by the developer, HERE and install it manually. Also, there are QR codes for download, which can be found on the developer's website.

Now, let's get to it.

The first time you run it, the app will request root permissions -- you should grant that, otherwise the app quits, of course. The next thing to show on the screen will be the changelog -- this application seems to be updated quite often. Tap on "OK" to leave the changelog screen and return to the main screen of the app. It should look like in the image inserted above.

Now go to Backup/Restore (tap on Dismiss) and you'll see ALL applications installed on your phone right now -- that includes system ones, as well. If you tap on one, you'll see the number of backups available on that app (if there is any) and the date of the last update. Hit "menu" button and then Legend to see explications for what each symbol (or should I say emoticon) means.

Also, if you tap once on an app, another menu pops up, from which you can backup, freeze, un-install, run, wipe its data and restore/delete a backup.
Freezing an app means that the app will no longer be visible in the app drawer (it will still be visible in Market, given you choose that in Preferences of Titanium Backup). It is basically like you have uninstalled the app, without actually doing so. This procedure is useful for when you intend to remove a system app (such as Gmail, for example) and you are unsure whether it will cause instability to the system or not - you freeze it first, and if nothing bad happens, delete it entirely.

Now press "menu" again and select Batch. You should see something like shown in the images below. Please note that I have altered the image files in such way so that no item gets duplicated -- hence the black empty spots in the last 3 screenshots. Also, I may have not included one or two options in the screenshots.

There shouldn't be any explanations requred - it's pretty straightforward.

In the free version of the app, you cannot hold more than one backup of each application. Also, when you restore a backup, it runs like an installer -- you have to select "Install" -> "OK" or whatever in order to restore the application. In the paid version, the restore process is faster and automatic (you don't have to manually press "Install" on each app being restored).

You can also use this app to clear Dalvik cache and extract applications from a backup made with Recovery. For this, press "menu" and then More. Tools for the Market are also available. Pres "menu" and Market Tools to manage which applications may auto-update (Market Auto Updates) and also fix missing links from the Market (Market Doctor).


  1. To back up things is very usefull.. I started with back uping my cpc system lol!
    That were times..

  2. This looks great! My mom has an android and I know she'll love something like this... thank you!

  3. oh i been using this for a while and its great, saved my comp once

  4. @pv I think you meant "phone", not "comp". A phone nowadays is a comp, though...

  5. I'm using this app almost weekly. It's very handy, like you said it.

  6. This application is a must have, like you said! I too use it weekly, because I change roms very often :D:D

  7. i cannot begin to explain how important this app is to me! after the first time my phone brikd and i had to restore it, i lost everything :/ but now i feel a little better that i have this app :)

  8. @Nero you can now extract apps from Recovery backups.

  9. This android is surprising me everyday!! :)