Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lockscreens for all

ROMs like vanilla Android ROMs and Sense ROMs don't offer you many lockscreen styles to choose from. In fact, you barely get three styles (and that is in the case of CyanogenMod) or none at all (when it comes to HTC Sense). Well, you can change that now. It's very easy, works on every ROM, and I assure you, the outcome is AWESOME.

Perhaps some of you already heard about Xiaomi and their own collection of Android custom ROMs. For those who haven't... well, long story short, Xiaomi is a company from China and they build MIUI ROM for various Android phones. They also created a phone, the MI-ONE. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about Xiaomi, their ROMs or their phone - at least not now; I'll write about that soon enough.

The thing I'm going to talk about now is the variety of lockscreens that are available for Xiaomi's ROM. MIUI is highly skinnable, and there are a LOT of themes available for it. You can change the status bar, the icons, the backgrounds, bootanimation... EVERYTHING - including the lockscreen style!

The application responsible for changing the lockscreen, in MIUI (called MiLocker), has now been converted by Xiaomi's development team, so that it will work on ANY ROM. Tired of stereotyped lockscreens? Download it and try for yourself, by visiting the page HERE.

You can also download any themes (in .mtz format, since that's the theme format for MIUI) you may find on the Internet and try them out -- only the lockscreen, of course. You might wanna see THIS and THIS for more themes! Also, you should have a look HERE, if you're willing to go through all the 530 pages that topic (currently) has - but I'd suggest you have a look at the last pages, since that is where you're most likely to find newer versions of the themes. There are MANY themes out there, and I change my lockscreen every couple of days, believe it or not.

Edit : someone from Reddit just notified me that this didn't work on his Ice Cream Sandwich device. Now it would be the time to point out the obvious : it is written, right below the "Download Now" button, that Android 2.3 is supported. Since there isn't anything else mentioned there, I'd say it only works on Gingerbread. Eclair/Froyo users : time to upgrade. Ice Cream Sandwich users : downgrade... or better wait for Android 4.0 support in MiLocker, which I have reasons to believe will happen pretty soon.

Some examples... just to tease you :-)


  1. This is soooo cool. That awkward moment when you look at your phone and think "useless".

  2. @Joel Santos : I'd replace "useless" with "boring", especially when there are unchangeable lockscreens involved...

  3. Tbh I'm more of an old school phone user. If you let me text, call and have an alarm clock, I'm set for life.

    But it sure does look fun :)

  4. @SPojs you sound like my dad, except that he'd like to have e-mail, as well.